History of A.C.A. of Chania "S. KAGIALES"



The ATHLETIC CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF CHANIA "S. KAGIALES", was originally called ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OF OKINAWA KARATE and had been found on September the 4th 1989 at KROKIDA 65st in Chania and in July of 1990 the headquarters moved to Gregory E 65st, which accommodates up to today. The association was founded by his coach Mr. A. Karaiskakis and athletes who have a love and passion for practice, training and teaching on the martial arts.
The association is a member of the Greek Karate Federation, recognized by the General Secretariat of Sports. The club throughout its course has emerged champion in Crete and Greece in Okinawa Karate, which was the first system cultivated by the karate club. In the course of modification statute the club cultivated more sports within, as the traditional SHITO RYU KARATE and the official KARATE SPORT.

Σ. Καγιαλές

At the same time, the coach and the club members, wishing to honor the hero of Cretan Revolution SPYROS KAGIALES, who made his body tissue and raised the Greek flag at Akrotiri (which dominates in awe of the statue), decided to change the name of the club in SPORTS CULTURAL ASSOCIATION of CHANIA "S. KAGIALES".

The way the club was and still rising, aided by all. Presidents, Boards, sportsmen, parents and friends of the club. All have helped to bring our collective, at the top of the sport in Crete, in Greece, as well as in Japan and abroad, where athletes of our club participate in big events, seminars and tournaments, with discrimination and admission at National Karate Team in the country.

The overall aim of our association was, is and will remain, the sport and education of its members, focusing on the mass sport martial arts that the club cultivates. Educational seminars and lectures that take place at times, aim to better educate its members, the promotion of healthy athletes in sport and championship, for those athletes who choose so.
The club organizes many cultural and social events and activities, including tours, meetings, etc. designed to strengthen relations between their members.

Finally we would like to thank all the athletes, gymnasts, parents, presidents, club members, friends and Municipality of Chania, which until today catalyst in the development of the club.


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