Shito Ryu History



Shito Ryu is one of the four well known official Karate styles. It was invented by master Kenwa Mabuni (1889 -1952), who lived in Okinawa at first and then moved at Osaka in 1929 to teach Karate.

Shito Ryu consists most of the authentic Shuri-te technics (fast and direct moves), as well as Naha-te technics, which is known for cycliness and flowness. Shito Ryu style is being famous for its many Kata. Many deep and low stances are used and it is well known for the «shiko-dachi» stance, which is being used at many Katas and its roots are being found in the basic stance of the Sumo fighters. Traditional Shito Ryu is being characterized by fast, direct moves in a fight and sharp clean moves at Katas.

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