Organization History


Greece Seishinkai Karate Union

sima grSHITO RYU in our organization, was first presented in Chania in 1991. Since then, there have been many positive steps for the promotion and development of this historical martial art technique. The project which has already taken place, fills with optimism the Greek Administration of Seishinkai organization (technical and administrative), and vision for the future of the organization.

The main aim of the organization is to develop special relationships and osmotic behavior of Greek and Japanese culture not only in the culture of Budo, but in cultural communication as well.

Chania LighthouseThe Greek organization of Seishinkai Karate is now the entity that serves the objectives as formulated by Karate Administration, having as basic power its member's energy.

The headquarters of the Greek organization Seishinkai Karate Union is located in the beautiful city of Chania, and aims to expand to other cities, after selecting cooperating teachers who will bring passion and endless desire for the creation of a new area in traditional martial arts with distinct structures, clear guidance, vision and knowledge.





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