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"The Family Fitness Center in Western Crete"

Maleme Fitness Center

We have the pleasure to introduce you to a beautiful place for  physical fitness, in which you and your children may practice your body by choosing one of the programs available in the Maleme Fitness Center. The Gym is located in Maleme Platanias, just 17 km away from Chania and allows everyone who loves gymnastics and karate to deal with them.
In the gym you can participate in the following programs: Fitness, Swedish gymnastics, strength training, FitBoxe & Shito Ryu Karate.

Historical Data:

Maleme Fitness Center was founded in 2002 and is the training hall of CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN CRETE "O DASKALOGIANNIS" recognized by the General Secretariat of Sports. The gym is an official member of the Greek Karate Federation and the Greek Organization Seishinkai Karate Union and was founded by local people in order to develop the sport in general and cultural events in Western Crete.
It is a multipurpose sports hall and consists of modern sports facilities, which provide safety at exercisers members, while covering permanent needs of the sport in the region.
The purpose of establishing the club initially was growing sport of SHITO RYU KARATE, self defense. So far the club has a lot of accomplishments with great success of our athletes in Pancretian, Panhellenic and Balkan Championships.
Along the way the club wanting to meet more members, created a special sport that includes:
  • room for muscle strengthening,
  • room for team sports programs,
  • lounges and library space,
  • relaxation Sauna
  • special external surroundings for events, used among others, to bring together the athletes of the club and the intensification of social relations
The sports programs curated strictly by qualified trainers, sport coaches and Physical Education, recognized by the General Secretariat of Sports, to provide the right training at sports club members.
Finally, we wish to thank all those who with their help, have contributed to the success of the club in the area including the chairmen, members, parents, athletes, friends and local residents, the staff of the club and the municipality of Platanias. The help of all, supplies the club with strength and manages to rise at the top of Western Crete!


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